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How to Set Up Surveillance Systems?

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There are various types of surveillance systems and there are different things to consider before you buy one. It is difficult to choose between the variety of recording equipment, cameras and viewing equipment. Choosing a surveillance system for your business or home does not have to be a difficult process.

1. Think about the surveillance system you want. The type of equipment you require is one of the most important decisions you need to make. The type will be determined on the kind of surveillance you require, where it is being recorded and what needs to be taped. For a business, you will require cameras to monitor the cash register, employees and doors. If the equipment is going to be used for the home, one camera can be adequate but this will depend on what you want to monitor. In some cases, you may need cameras which have special features to film certain locations or pick up on sounds.

2. Select your cameras. It is important to know what you want to find whether you are using one camera or more. Cameras are available in various sizes and shapes and some of them are able to record events in places that have limited light while others only work in areas that are well lit. Some of them have in-built cameras that make it possible to record sounds and voices. For home surveillance, most of the cameras used are hidden and some do not capture sounds.

3. Select the setup to use for recording. You can either choose VCR or DVR recording. DVR offers digital recording and this gives you better images. It is also possible to fast forward and rewind the material recorded. It is also possible to fast forward and rewind VCR recordings but you need to have tapes and the images produced are not the best quality. You can also get a closed-circuit television (CCTV). With CCTV, the recordings are broadcast directly to a television set. It is also possible to view the images later on any television set.

4. Put the surveillance system in place. When you have picked a suitable system and you know the particular details of the equipment, you can set up the surveillance system. You should consider the particular elements of the equipment when you are setting up the system. The camera needs to face the location you intend to record even if it is hidden. For cameras which also include microphones, you should make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions. The setup process for the various types of CCTVs, TVs, VCRs and DVRs is different and will usually depend on the manufacturer. The instructions provided by the manufacturer should be used to set up the surveillance system. The system should also be tested before it is used.

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