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9 out of 10 convicted burglars disclosed that they would avoid a house protected by an alarm system.
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How is it possible to keep your home secure, without even spending a cent?

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Home is something that everybody wants to feel happy and proud about, in front of friends and relatives. Your greatest assets, memories that you cherish, valuables, and family are at your home and you would always want everything to be safe and secure. Nowadays, keeping your home away from thieves’ eyes is definitely going to empty your pockets. There is nothing wrong in buying alarm systems, but when there are alternatives for it, spending thousands of dollars for security is just a waste. Here I am, to provide you with a list of tips to keep your home safe. Nowadays, setting up burglar alarms are not worth trusting because thieves have got ways to make the alarm not work making their jobs every easy. Always prevention is better than cure and so, when there are ways to prevent the thief’s temptation, there is no reason to worry. Here are the tips.

Trimming the shrubs around your house will not provide any hooks for thieves to hide in. Most of the thieves search for a hide out before performing the robbery. When your lawn is perfectly clean, you will not provide an opportunity for them.

Keep your storage sheds locked and do not leave the tools outside. Burglars have the minds to use anything and everything that lies around to house to get into your house. For example ladders, ropes, etc.

Keep your lawn mowed and tidy. Exteriors of your house should always make you seem cared a lot for your house.

Planting thorny shrubs that could hurt the burglars is also a good idea.

If in case your outdoor light burns out, change it promptly.

It is always not safe to leave your emergency house keys under the door mat. Burglars are very brainy and will surely check for the keys anywhere and everywhere.

After making new purchases, leaving the outer cover or boxes out of the house is a bad idea as you will be showing everybody that there is a valuable thing inside your house.

It is always not safe to keep your valuables seen from the road side. When burglars see these valuables, they get tempted.

Hope these tips are of great use to your home security. Following these tips will surely give you a satisfaction that you and the things that you possess are safe.

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