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9 out of 10 convicted burglars disclosed that they would avoid a house protected by an alarm system.
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The reason for having a home security system installed in your home is to ensure that you and the authorities are notified should someone try to enter your home without your permission. Once that alarm has been triggered, a loud sound will be emitted that is intended to drive potential burglars from the home. Today’s systems are a bit more technologically advanced than those provided years ago and most companies also offer monitoring that will alert the company itself as well as the police should an alarm ever be triggered. The system includes a number of sensors that are placed on doors and windows. These sensors react and trigger the system whenever they are crossed. A central processing unit is also included in the system which gives you a keypad for turning the system on and off and offers a number of other functions. The central unit is your interface for the entire system. You can disable portions of the system or turn the entire thing off and one. This is also the part of the system that will contact the monitoring company of any activity that needs to be reported to police or fire departments if you have fire protection.

Magnetic switches are often used to trigger the system in the event of an incident. These switches are placed on windows and doors. There are normally magnets placed on the door or window as well as the frame. When the door or window is opened and the magnets are separated, the alarm is triggered. This tells the monitoring company that someone is coming in to your home through one of these trigger areas. Many companies today use infrared sensors that detect motion. The sensors will pick up on the heat of moving objects and trigger the security alarm. Note that only objects that emit heat will trigger the sensor. Animals as well as humans will trigger them although balls rolling across them will not. If you have pets in the home, you can opt for motion sensors that are more tuned to the heat given off by animals so that no false alarms will be emitted when your animals move throughout your home.

Glass sensors are another commonly used sensor and these are generally installed on windows. They can pick up on any vibration or the sound frequency that is associated with glass breaking. Should someone attempt to break a window to enter your home, the alarm will be triggered and the authorities can be contacted. This is an excellent option for those who want a bit of added security and works well with the sensors that are normally placed on doors.

There are other sensors that can help to protect your home and family as well. Many home system include burglar alarms as well as detectors for smoke and fire, carbon monoxide and even flooding. These can be very helpful in giving you the overall protection that you want. They will warn you as well as the proper authorities should an environment threat be present. In the case of fire or carbon monoxide detection, the monitoring company can alert you by phone of the danger and if you are not responding to phone calls, the authorities will be sent to your home which can be a lifesaving action in the event of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Author’s Bio: Russell S. is a writer with interests in the home alarm industry. He believes that every family can benefit from the peace of mind that comes with having a monitored home security system. Check out Zions Security, http://www.zionssecurity.com for more information about high tech alarms offered in your area.

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