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9 out of 10 convicted burglars disclosed that they would avoid a house protected by an alarm system.
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The main reason why homeowners decide to install a home security system is to protect their family members and secure their valuables. There are various aspects to keep in mind when choosing a home security system and the company that will offer the alarm monitoring services. When you choose an alarm company, the cost will usually determine the kind of services you get therefore you should keep this in mind when comparing the various home security systems.


1. Find out if it is possible to get a wireless, hard-wired or hybrid home security system for your system. The hard-wired option is an advantage because burglars cannot interfere with the phone line or siren in order to get access to your property. It should also be possible for the company in charge of installation to run wires in your ceilings and walls and find a suitable place to keep the control panel and siren. This is not easy especially for the new home because of the way they are built.

Wireless keypads can also be a good option to come up with a hybrid security system. This is a more secure option compared to a system that is entirely wireless because the phone lines and siren are not directly linked with the keypad. All-in-one wireless systems are the least secure because all the alarm parts are in one location and this makes it easy for burglars to access them.

2. Think about the kind of security you need. There are systems which have a combination of elements including fire and medical monitoring and infrared beams. A basic system will only monitor your door and window openings. The choice you make at this point will determine the type of home security system and the kind of monitoring you require.

3. Consider the pets you keep. If your pets are small, a motion-detecting system will function properly without sensing them but large pets especially dogs can set the alarm off. Avoid motion detecting devices if you have large pets to avoid false alarms.

4. Inquire from your family members, friends and neighbors about companies that offer reliable alarm monitoring services. This will ensure that the alarm monitoring services you pay for meets your requirements. The most important factors to inquire about include installation quality and response time.

5. Ask about how long the contract will last with the alarm monitoring company you choose to use. Most companies offer long contracts and lure homeowners with free systems. Think about your choice and avoid falling for the promise of a free system. If you have any questions, inquire from the company's representatives.

6. Inquire from the insurance company you use about discounts on home insurance payments for homeowners who install security systems

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