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9 out of 10 convicted burglars disclosed that they would avoid a house protected by an alarm system.
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A burglar alarm is always deployed in a house by the owners in order to be free from any sort of burglary in their house. It has been studied from a research that many robberies have taken place in the US and its neighboring countries in the recent few years. Hence ordinary buzzers and alarms only are not enough to prevent the house from being robbed. And so, many home security systems have come now with many other features other than just alarming.

Wireless burglar alarm systems that have been introduced in the recent years have attracted more number of people towards it because of its convenience for self installation. As the name indicates they do not have any wires and people need not go around their house running the wires. There won’t be any need to drill holes on the walls too and the sensors can be placed at any spot in the house easily and can be easily hidden from the vision of burglars. The wireless burglar alarm uses radio waves to send and receive signals which are very much reliable.

There are many components of a wireless burglar alarm system that are briefed below. First of all the main component of a wireless burglar alarm is its control panel. The control panel sends and receives signals from all the sub components like cameras and sensors. In case of any intrusion the control panel which may be connected to a phone line or PC signals the authorities about the burglary more swiftly than conventional systems. The control panel must be kept hidden in the basement or so since it is the workstation of the whole burglar alarm system.

There are also other components like keypad, magnetic components and sensors. The keypad allows the owner to set up a secret password and it must be activated by the owner when they are not at home. The magnetic contacts are placed in doors and windows which gives signal to the control panel in case of any intrusion. The sensors are distributed through out the house and if the alarm is activated by the owner it sends signal to the control panel if anybody touches the walls. There are also motion sensors that track the thief, if he is in motion near the sensor and sends signal to the control panel.

There are also home security systems that are available for free in the markets which work on a mutual consent basis such as hanging up their hoarding in your house for them having installed you a free home security system. There are also security systems of good quality that charges you a monthly fee for using their home security system. Hence choose your security system wisely.

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